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I used to do a lot of cycling as a teenager and into my early twenties. All non competitive - generally going out for the day, and doing some touring/camping. I started with a Galaxy, but after the frame cracked, I bought a Revell Romany Frame (531st tubing) and kitted it out with mid range equipment (I was a student at the time!).

I got back on a bike last year as a result of the Cycle to Work scheme, buying a Trek 6700 hardtale. I have had some great off road riding on it, as well as using it for commuting. However, having seen the Sportive setting off the weekend before last in Abergavenny, I decided it would be fun to give it a go. This weekend gone I retrieved my Romany from the cellar where it has languished for years, and stripped it down. It is complete and in good order (after cleaning and re-greasing), with the exception of:
- Wheels, tyres etc
- Saddle
- Pedals

The saddle and pedals are no problem, but I think the wheels may be a bigger issue. I have friction levers on the gears, and I still have the original 5 speed rear casette (screw on). Modern wheels seem to come with 7 speed minimum at the rear - how easy will shifting be without index gearing? Is there any where where I can buy some 700c wheels of a similar vintage?

Am I wasting my time? I have done more than 100 miles in a day on this bike, so it can't be that bad (not sure I am so fit any more :-(! ). I thought I could give it a go with this, then if I enjoy it enough and decide to do more, then I can commit to a new road bike.

What do you think?


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    I have a Claud Butler Competitor the block is a 5 speed, the wheels are 630c 32c (27"). Not having ridden it for quite a while, I was riding it last night and I was surprised at how sensible the gearing seemed to feel. It's 10 speed and the high gear felt good and very useable. The low gear was low enough for the terrain and routes I take. I have an 80's racing bike with a 6 speed block this is geared more aggressively having a low gear that is too high for me on most days (as low gears go it feels like a 72).

    I would leave your bike as it is and enjoy the riding it but I would also keep my eyes peeled for a suitable set of 700c wheels at suitably low price if you enjoy riding the bike and you could upgrade the wheels as tyres for 27" wheels are somewhat limited in comparison to what is on offer for 700's.

    It's nice to have a road bike as well as something a little more robust.
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    Thanks for the response Gary!

    Not having any wheels at all is the problem at the moment. I had a road bike as well back in the late 80's and used to share the wheels with the Romany. I sold the road bike with the wheels, and stored to Romany. Gearing on the Romany was never an issue, as I had a double on the front with a 36/50, and a 15-32 rear block. Was good enough for touring around France with tent etc!

    Looks like the cycle to work scheme and a road bike is now beckoning! I will probably put the Romany up on ebay - seems like there is some demand for old kit and I am sure someone with a stock of older bikes will get some good use out of it.
  • Good Revell Romany racer going begging on Ebay...I may be bias in pointing you there![/list]
  • Good Revell Romany racer going begging on Ebay...I may be bias in pointing you there![/list]
    Some bike trivia that my be of interest, I worked for Madison/Freewheel Catalogue for a while, Freewheel being a shop and mail order retail outlet back in the eighties, that effctively stopped when they evolved more into wholesale under the 'Madison' name, they are now one of the largest UK wholesalers; one of the items they distributed were Revell Romany bikes, a few which were made by Dave Yates who back when he was part of M Steel.