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Collar Bone Separation

spudulikespudulike Posts: 51
Had a bit of an off 4 weeks ago. Landed hard on my shoulder and separated my collar bone from my shoulder (Acromioclavicular joint separation apparently). 2.5 weeks in a sling and 1.5 weeks gradually getting some movement back and I'm wondering if I'm ready to ride?

Anyone else had this? The collar bone is still sticking up but my Dr is less than useful about whether that's normal or not.


  • fred1starfred1star Posts: 428
    I broke my clavical, different from you did but I am left with a rather hansome 1cm raised bit of bone on my shoulder. Does not give me too much trouble now.

    Doctors said they could operate if I wanted but advised I wait and see if it gives any trouble. New bone has developed nicely around the brake and no point risking operation now... only for comsmetic reasons op would be needed and as I don't have a budding modelling career, best left as is..
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