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Hi all

I'm new to this road bike stuff and have just bought myself a 2009 Trek 1.2 Double. I know its entry level but I feel it will suit me just fine to start with.

My old bike is a Muddy Fox Monarch Sport MTB which I have had for just over 10 years now and has never missed a beat and is suprisingly light for what it is. I have been using road tyres on it for a few years now but feel I needed to go the full road bike route.

I thought I got a pretty good deal from my LBS. I got the bike for £522, Shimano shoes for £60 (I already have a set of new SPD pedals and cleats) and a Strada Wireless computer for £40. Not massive savings but its the fact that I get the first service free and also spend an hour with them on a turbo trainer getting the bike all set up and fitted for me.

I am booked in for 4pm on Tuesday and am really looking forward to and also the first 10miles back home on it.




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    IMO I think you did the right thing in starting with an entry level bike. Give it 6 or 12 months and if you find the 'road thing' is for you, you'll know what your looking for should you upgrade etc.
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    You may also want to invest in a pair of shorts, if you haven't already done so. 8)
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    You may also want to invest in a pair of shorts, if you haven't already done so.

    +1 for that, the person who joined us yesterday for their first clubrun looked out of place to say the least with baggies on.

    Good choice for a first bike - happy riding :D
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    I picked it up today and spend an hour getting the bike set up correctly for me by the LBS who may I add were extremely helpful. I rode the 10.5miles home and we such a pleasure even in the mad heat wave we are having at the moment.

    On the open straights I was cruising at approx 20-21mph but still a bit nervous around city cycling on a roadie.

    Also this is my first bike with SPD pedals and wil take some getting used to but did'nt fall off :) Yes I do have shorts already (In reply to skyd0g)

    Looking forward to going to work on Thursday (40 mile round trip) I did this once on my MTB and will be interesting to see if the route feels much different.
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    enjoy matey
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    A good poichase and good to see someone posting about buying at a good LBS, worth it's weight in gold!

    I think you will find 40 miles on a road bike a rather different experience to your MTB!

    Have fun!
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    Excellent choice of bike and retailer I think. Come on, don't be shy, name the LBS.
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    I also got a blinding deal on my Allez, Strada and SPDs from my LBS. Use them a lot for MTB stuff and have now bought 3 bikes from them. Clive Mitchell in Truro, Cornwall.
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    LBS - Trisports in Letchworth, Herts