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Great biking trip

FunkeyMonkeyFunkeyMonkey Posts: 2
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Hi, I’d like to recommend a brilliant biking trip I’ve been to, it’s called Classic Cruises Bike & Sail. The idea is a trip that combines mountain biking and cruising in a classic wood-made sailboat (Gulet) in western Turkey.

Most of the cruise days are taken up with biking, some of them include swimming, a massage day on board, and guided tours on coast.
The biking is great, it takes place on 4x4 trails that include hills and slopes, about 20-40 kms per day, during 5 days of the week. The sceneries are incredible- thick green forests and trails that overlook blue bays.
Having a “floating hotel” follow us around makes the trip a whole lot better, especially when our group of friends is the only one staying there…

The next dates of Bike & Sail trips:
19-26 July 2009
17-24 August 2009

Check out their website/ Facebook account: ... 2231309112
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