Overshoes and slim ankles?

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I recently did my first commute from work and really enjoyed it (19 miles) so plan on doing it on a more regular basis (and given that this is Scotland there is a possibility that it'll rain at some point...).

I bought a pair of overshoes for my Shimano WM40 shoes and they zip up the back. My ankles are 21cm in circumference whereas the top of the overshoe is approx 27 cm in circumference - this leaves quite a big gap which I'm fairly sure would allow the rain to run down my leg and into my shoes through the top of the overshoe. I've considered a couple of clothes pegs but think the aesthetics of this may not look great. :?

Any ideas to fix the above or recommendations for overshoes with narrow ankle holes?



  • tardington
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    ...elastic bands?

    ...a strict diet of cream cakes?

    ...eighties style leg warmers?

    What sort of overshoes do you have? Is it possible to take them back for a size smaller?

    Maybe these? http://www.wiggle.co.uk/mc/cycle/7/Pear ... Overshoes/
  • Joycie
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    They are TechTex splash overshoes, size 6-7, so a nice fit on the actual shoe but not the ankle. An ebay purchase unfortunately so I'm unable to return (although I couldalways sell again!).

    I'm liking your cream cake suggestion but I think it would ultimately mean that the overshoes would fit but I couldn't actually cycle anywhere!

    The elastic bands sound plausible and slightly more discrete than clothes pegs although I may end up with limited circulation in my feet...

    I'm hoping that all brands are not created equal and something with velcro fasteners may be more suitable than a zip fastening. Any particular brands that you rate?
  • tardington
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    You do get the velcro visibility bands - you may look a bit dorky though!

    Ah, found black ones
    http://www.cyclestore.co.uk/productDeta ... ctID=20462

    Not huge overshoe wearer myself, but the pearl izumi ones I linked too look about right, and a friend rates them.
  • Joycie
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    Ah hah! Forgot about my old fashioned cycle clips! (also in black so they might look subtle enough and perhaps if I speed up no-one will notice I'm wearing them...). Cheers for that.

    Meantime I think it might be an idea if I go into my LBS with my shoes on and try the fit out on another pair. Thanks for your suggestion - I'll let you know how I get on :)
  • Gavin Gilbert
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    Gaffa Tape.

    There's nothing in the world that Gaffa Tape won't fix :lol:
  • nitesight
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    I'm sure anyone handy with a needle and thread could put a fold in near the top for a custom fit. Save you spending anything at all!

    You could also let em out if the cake idea takes hold. :D
  • lost_in_thought
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    Gaffa Tape.

    There's nothing in the world that Gaffa Tape won't fix :lol:

    If you can't fix it with gaffer tape, you're not using enough. :lol:
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    I have fairly slim ankles myself, and I bought a pair of size 7 Endura overshoes which fit really well. They use a band of velcro down the back, so you can make them nice and tight.

    On the Gaffer tape point, I would recommend shaving your legs first, might be a bit painful otherwise.

    When you mention LBS, I hope you don't mean G.W.Smith, they are hopeless.
    Bike and Ski clinic in Brightons are much more helpful although don't carry much stock.
    I've heard there is a new bike shop in Bo'ness too. Ross from Halfords (the only guy who knew what he was doing) has set up a shop for himself.