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Firstly I read a post on here listing some good websites for looking up and finding routes and trails on recently and cant for the life of me find it now. a list of these sites would be much appreciated.

Secondly the better half and I want to do some camping and riding in late september (have 9 days booked off together). We will need some medium routes for me and some easy ones to do together. We will also need some stuff for her to do when I'm riding alone (walks / shops etc). All suggestions welcomed we fancy seeing 2/3 different parts of the country in this 9 days.

Lastly anybody know what state of repair the lodge just south of exeter (near Holdon) is in??? Thought about giving it a bit of a clean and a lick of paint inside to make it easier for anyone wanting to ride haldon for a few days from furthur afield. If you fancy taking a look at this with me let me know might even pop some wooden bed frames in there. Oh and would anybody use it if I did go to the effort??
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  • Can I suggest the area around Oxford? You should be able to find a nice campsite somewhere near the River Cherwell and the canal which lends itself to a leisurely ride along the towpaths. While you are heading off to more strenuous terrain your other half can shop in Oxford itself or Banbury. From there it's only a short hop to the Cotswolds proper, and the Wye Valley and the Brecon Beacons aren't all that much further on if you are loading your bikes in the back of a vehicle.
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