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Surrey Cycle Guides

thelawnetthelawnet Posts: 719
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Just ordered a couple of these. Quite good really. They are A-Z-type maps (1:16,000) covering Surrey in 8 parts.

Unlike the Land Ranger/Explorer-type maps there's no topological information or the little trees and such like.

Roads are coloured either:

White (nothing designated)
Yellow (quieter roads, good for cycling)
Blue (Route signed for cycling, may be on busy road)

Shared off-road paths are marked in brown

Bridleways are signed green (easy at all times), purple (may be muddy after rain), red (MTB recommended all year-round) or dotted red (experienced MTBers only).

I have OS maps, but these are much easier to follow. And they are free. Good for road route planning/navigation or for planning/getting to off-road routes as well.

See here

Follow the link to order online.
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