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Revelation pains from Merlins

kingsfoolkingsfool Posts: 189
edited June 2009 in MTB general
Hello to everyone.

I have recently had a replacement from Merlin regarding my purchased Revelation Dual Air ... oploc.html

My original pair made a 'clunking' noise under rapid compression and ended up spraying oil from the negative air chamber when adjusted. My replacement is making some funny noises and I am concerned it will happen again. Anyone had the same probs?

I would like to say that Merlins have been superb though. Great after-service.

Cheers, Miles.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    What nosies? Squelches and gasps are perfectly normal for this fork.
  • kingsfoolkingsfool Posts: 189

    Perfectly normal true, but this noise was like a plastic 'clunk' that progressively became more frequent during fast firing small bumps. All ended when I adjusted the air pressures resulting in the shock pump full of oil and also my shorts! Never experienced that before.

    When I spoke to Merlins they relayed to me that RockShox was awaiting parts to fix the fork. Something must have been wrong, hey?

    Thanks for your reply though. And Trapdoor brings back memories!
    BUrN mY EyES
  • Jon8aJon8a Posts: 235
    were they the u turns, mine went back (to merlin) because of the clunk. Didn't fix it. TF tuned website has something about it in the FAQ.

    Mine also leak oil when I adjust the pressure. I assume it's because the valve is at the bottom and there's 100psi behind it. Turning them upside down helped a bit.

    My old MX comps used to leak oil when I adjusted the pressure.
  • kingsfool wrote:

    resulting in the shock pump full of oil and also my shorts! Never experienced that before.

    Blimey, to get your shorts inside your shock pump must have been really traumatic, were you wearing them at the time!!

    ....... Sorry, I guess that doesn't help you, but it made me chuckle!
  • That mad me lulz also. Again sorry but that was funny.
    I use all 9 inches.

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