Retro Peugeot retoration

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after a recent holiday in France, my wife is very taken with the old 60s/70s style french ladies road bikes (dual frame?). I've seen some pretty cheap on e-bay. If I assume that we'll need new bb, freewheel, etc can you get the parts? are they expensive?

at the mo she's doing a lttle casual biking on a borrowed BSO - this could be my chance to bring her over to the dark side, so any help appreciated


  • majormantra
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    Are you talking about "mixte" bikes? A quick google turned up this:

    ...they obviously have their fans.

    Maybe have a look at the Classic and Vintage forum on

  • Gavin Gilbert
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    the major caveat is that the bike is likely to have weird French screw threads and many of the parts will be non-standard sized (the seatpost in particular).

    Don't expect parts from the LBS to fit.

    The best source of spare parts will be US eBay as many French dealers sell there to the American market.
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    Cheers guys,

    at least I know what I'm looking for - a "mixte"

    so they're a bit of a fashion item in America. I wonder how they ride?