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Advice on my forks and riding...

JakeTurboJakeTurbo Posts: 3
edited July 2009 in XC and Enduro
Sorry, completely new here... well have been browsing ths site a bit.

I've recently got back into biking and have just built myself a new hardtail.
It's a Kona Kula 08 frame, XT componentry, juicy 5 brakes etc... and some Rockshox Tora SL coil forks.

I had to compromise on the forks due to money restrictions at the time.

My questions are:

1. Are there forks going to be good enough for prolonged trail riding?
2. Is it ok to jump on these forks - I'm not talking massive jumps, just getting some air when riding trails (like black runs at llandegla)?
3. When I adjust the preload on the forks, very little seems to happen... they sag quite a bit (more than my old Marzochi mx comp eta forks)... is this normal? I've been considering getting a harder spring for them but not sure if that's the right option.
4. Is it worth me just upgrading the forks?
5. My bike is meant to have geometry that is tailored for 100mm travel forks - What's the implications of sticking some forks with greater travel on them?

Sorry if these seems a bit random or whatever...

Thanks for any advice!



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Hello and welcome!

    1) Yup.
    2) Aye.
    3) They make very minor adjustments to how much they sag. How much are they sagging? You may need a stiffer sprinmg.
    4) For XC, I would say so. The Reba is lighter, and more adjustable witha better damper.
    5) You may break the frame and invalidate the warranty. Stick to 100mm.

    If you want to ride harder, and need more travel, you need a bike more suited to it.
  • JakeTurboJakeTurbo Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply.

    Not sure exactly how much the forks sag - I'll measure later.

    I don't want to break the frame so I'll stick to 100mm forks then. Thanks for the advice!
    I'm tempted by the Reba forks... also by the Marzocchi Corsa TST2 Forks - Any idea what these are like?
  • NatoEDNatoED Posts: 480
    another option for forks are the Magura's Cheaper than Rock shox and are very reliable. my "budget" Odur's are 4.4 lb in weight and cost £220 from halfords (?) you'd need then meja (3.75 lb for 100mm) or durin forks (3.2 lb for 100mm) and both cost WAY WAY less than rock shox. Plus built in Germany.

    Marzocchi's arn't the forks they used to be . I've taken a set apart and found "SR SUNTOUR" stamped inside. :roll:
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