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A Book of Condolence - Please sign to say that you care!

barrister-at-lawbarrister-at-law Posts: 25
edited June 2009 in The Crudcatcher
It is with great sadness that I feel the need to make my first post in this area of the forum. Never the less I feel compelled to do so by virtue of the historic passing of a unique character earlier today.

Rat-a-Ronnie, the six month old Syrian Hamster purchased by Nanna and Grandad in only January of this year, as a birthday present to my six year old boy, has passed away peacefully in his sleep.

I know that his premature death will come as a shock to you all, as it did to me when I emptied his nest box (the wheel section of his Rota-Stack home) but I'm sure that a small gesture of remembrance by signing this thread will help us show dignity in our outpouring of grief.

For those in the East Yorkshire region there will be a small ceremony celebrating his short but remarkable career as a seed and general offal eater in our back yard tomorrow. All are welcome. There will be an opportunity to play on the trampoline some time afterwards.

Those who wish to attend should note that Rat-A-Ronnie will be laid to rest under the play house sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Thanking you all for your messages of support, love and remembrance.


  • defflerdeffler Posts: 829
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  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,512
    RIP to a fantastic hamster.

    He will be in my thoughts on my ride tomorrow. That one's for you little fella.
  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    edited June 2009
    RIP Rat-a-Ronnie.

    This thread has put yesterday's events into terrifying perspective. :wink:
  • mtbrambomtbrambo Posts: 60

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  • sparrowlegs78sparrowlegs78 Posts: 2,583
    RIP little Rat A Ronnie xxx.....Our Hamster, Aubrey will say some prayers for him to their god.
    Caz xxx
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    im so sorry to hear this, rat-a-ronnie has always been a source of inspiration for me and this sad passing has affected me more than i imagined possible.

    i feel like ive lost a part of myself and im not sure how i will ever recover.

    i cant be there tomorrow as im having a lie in followed by some kind of sausage brunch but you know if it wasnt for this, i would be there in a flash.
  • -Liam--Liam- Posts: 1,831
    Rat-a-Ronnie, you will always have a special place in my heart.

    You are now in a better place on that wheel in the sky

    Rest in Peace

    Oh, watch the big fat moggie that sits inside the Gates of St Peter waiting for unsuspecting, recently deceased rodents :lol:
  • There will never be another Rat-a-Ronnie in the world. This saddens me greatly. RIP little fella...
    Old hockey players never die - they just smell that way...
  • Perhaps in retrospect I should have kept his offal eating to a minimum.

    P.S. One Hamster "activity centre" for sale. Made by Rota-stack. One careful owner. Six months old. PM for photos.
  • Hercule QHercule Q Posts: 2,781
    P.S. One Hamster "activity centre" for sale. Made by Rota-stack. One careful owner. Six months old. PM for photos.


    RIP. he's playing in the big rota-stack in the sky

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  • Mrs ToastMrs Toast Posts: 636
    An icon has passed away. He may have been the centre of controversy with his seed stashing antics and engorged cheek pouches, but his talent was, and always will be, incomparable. A sad loss indeed.
  • snotty badgersnotty badger Posts: 1,593
    The good ones always die young. :cry:
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  • elPedro666elPedro666 Posts: 1,060
    RIP Rat-a-Ronnie.
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  • Si78Si78 Posts: 963
    RIP Rat-a-Ronnie. Always loving, always loved...

    My thoughts are with you barrister-at-law at this truly sad and difficult time.

    Hamster heaven is full of dried apricots and yoghurt covered raisins, so console yourself with that thought.
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  • montevideoguymontevideoguy Posts: 2,271
    More scran for the BBQ?
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  • M6TTFM6TTF Posts: 602
    More scran for the BBQ?
    Exactly what I was thinkg LOL
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    R-I-P little dude

    just think of all the hot hamster chicks and hamster chow you can be with now. amen to you my little friend

    barraster-at-law my best wishes are with you at this sad and difficult time
  • dickyduluxdickydulux Posts: 111
    I hope this is of some condolance to you and rat-a-ronnie:

    After a particularly heavy enemy bombing campaign. Churchill went to ride the bomb craters on his Spesh. He came across a demolished house, its occupants all dead.

    Wondering how other people lived, he entered what would of been the doorway and peered into the gloom. Hearing a scurring sound , his first thought was "rats!" but on venturing further, found a wooden box its inmate very much alive:- a hamster.

    He took this furry ball of fluff and rode back to No 10 like an excited school boy.
    He called his new friend Expert after his bike. He played with it constantly, once it escaped during Prime Ministers question time and ran up the leg of the Speaker. Churchill used his expenses forms for its bedding. This little creature outlived his master by 53 years and is buried in the backgarden of No 10 next to Maggies cat.

    Even in the darkest of days, Churchill still rode his Spesh.
  • whalley665whalley665 Posts: 150
    well at least you won't go hungry now :wink:

    Seriously though: Rest In Piece Little Hamster, My thoughts go out to the rest of your family who will mourn your loss for years to come.
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  • johnnyboy29johnnyboy29 Posts: 100
    He came. He saw. He conquered the rota stack.

    I had the same problem with our 2 goldfish duncan and moysey.

    They were given a bathroom burial to the theme tune from z cars (Everton run out to that tune)

    Thoughts to you and yours

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  • defflerdeffler Posts: 829
    Quite honestly Im disgusted that the furry little fella who brought joy and happiness to children hasnt been mentioned on the news.

    Instead sum weird little fella who brought rectal bleeding & fear to young boys, is grabbing the headlines

    This world is so wrong

    YNWA my friend :cry:
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