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Selling bike , in mtb or road section??

carlos-gcarlos-g Posts: 522
edited June 2009 in Commuting chat
Yes I know it should be obvious , but I altered this bike years ago .It started life as an M-trax 100 rigid mtb ,when some compensation allowed me I upgraded to a full suss mtb and the Raliegh started to gather dust in the back room.

I changed the bike to be a tourer cum take all the knocks commuter by adding a set of drop bars , bar end shifters ,better LX crankset , slick tyres/STX-RC hubbed mavic x221 wheels and a larger 48T big ring to help me stop running out of gears.

I've toured round northern France on this bike and it's been a grat bike , it's also been used locally for short road journeys and the odd commute.

The bike has remained unused for the last 4 years since my son was born as we can't go touring anymore + I have a hardtail mtb that with slicks could fill the roll in the future.

Where should it go and how much.3662203981_1ec84b04a2.jpg


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