Wheel upgrade - couple of questions

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Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my wheels from Fulcrum Racing 7s to some around the £500 mark. My LBS has recommended Shimano RS80s, which are £450 in their shop, but looking online I've found Dura-Ace wheels for about the same price.

I've never bought new wheels before, so I'm tempted to get the RS80s from the LBS who can make sure they're true and fit the cassette as I haven't done these things before.

I wanted to ask if I'd be better off getting the Dura-Ace wheels online and learning how to fit them myself? Is it difficult to fit the cassette and will the wheels already be true out of the box?

I think the RS80s are identical to the Dura-Ace except for the hubs, so I doubt for my ability of rider that I'll really notice much difference between them, but on the other hand as I improve as a rider maybe this difference will be more important and I guess it makes sense to buy the best that you can afford?

Thanks for you advice.


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    fitting a cassette is a doddle. No harder than fitting a tyre. You just need a cassette socket and a big adjustable/spanner. Slide it on and tighten it up.

    I doubt your LBS is going to re-true anything, in reality. Obviously it's difficult to make generaisations about people's mechanical aptitude but if you can find your way home from work then I suspect you'll be fine.... :wink:
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    For fitting and removing cassettes check this tutorial:


    I use an old bit of chain to act as a chain whip - works well enough when you've got everything set up right.

    Regards new wheels being slightly out of true - yes, you might find that sometimes - it's usually very slight though, so its you're call on that one. (I've found a variety of new Shimano rear wheels being out of true - but again, it's only been very slight so no prob) - The RS80's are excellent "budget" all-rounders, although prices have rocketed over the last 6 months since they were first rrp. Obviously, if you can definately get the Dura Ace for the same price ??, then go for them, but if not, the RS80's will make a pretty good substitute. The 2009 Kysrium Elites have got a considerable weight reduction at the rim - possibly another (and quite a bit cheaper alternative) ?
  • bought them recently for £350 at CRC - still doing them at that price
    excellent wheels at 1500g and seem to be cheaper than heavier sets
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    you could have some really nice handbuilts made for that amount.
  • Novatec Sprints, from http://www.performancecycles.co.uk/.

    Much lightness...