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100 miles

ged123ged123 Posts: 36
hi wot would be a good time for ur first 100 ......


  • Moomin23Moomin23 Posts: 77
    Anything below 5 hours is respectable, if you can get closer to four and a half you'll have done really well.

    Depending on the course, if you've got a bit of climbing on it, obviously your time will suffer a bit, but if it's one of these up and down an A road, these should be respectable.
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  • GeorgeShawGeorgeShaw Posts: 764
    Considering that par for your first 10 mile TT is 30 minutes, then I think keeping that pace for 5 hours over potentially hilly ground would be remarkable for a first-timer. 100km maybe. I'd budget on 8 hours.
  • ged123ged123 Posts: 36
    5 hours u joking me :cry: I was thinking about 7 would be gd
  • guineaguinea Posts: 1,177
    5 hours would be a very good time. Averaging 20mph for 5 hours solo is a damn fine achievement. It took me long enough to do that average for one hour in Richmond Park.

    6 hours is decent. 16.6 mph should be doable with a little training.

    7 hours is just over 14mph. If you are fit enough to ride for 7 hours then you can surely do it above 14mph.

    This all assumes rolling hills, not in the mountains.
  • Data1959Data1959 Posts: 31
    Moomin You On LRC Time there :lol:
  • genkigenki Posts: 305
    Are you talking about a 100 mile time-trial with aerobars, or just a normal ride which is 100 miles? There's a big difference.

    6hrs riding time would be good for a first time on a normal road bike and a few hills. Under 5 hrs on a flat dual carriageway with aerobars would be easier.

    It's taken me 3yrs to nail a 100 miler at over 20mph on a bumpy route but finally did it last weekend. The first ever 100 I did was 6:15 or so including about 25mins of stops on the same route.
  • My first century was 6hrs 30. Few lumpy bits - no garmin but bike hike came out with 1200mts total climb so nothing silly though enough to slow me down. Agree with the flat/aerobar 5 hour job, doable i imagine, but damn hard work.
    Most of my etape training seems to be 3 hour sessions knocking out 20mph final hour after 30mins warmup, 11/2 hour rolling/hills etc. If only July 20th was going to go that quickly! I think I will be getting my monies worth out of the closed roads!
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  • popettepopette Posts: 2,089
    you must all be superfit - my first 100 was 6hrs 30 RIDE TIME - probably closer to 8 hours with all the stopping. More recently I did the bike radar sportive - 6hr 40m elapsed time - about 7300ft climbing. I put everything into that and was a zombie by the end of it.
    I could only imagine doing close to 5 hours if it was flat and I could get in a good group - maybe on the Manchester 100 this year?

    FWIW, I think 7 hours would be an excellent time.
  • nickwillnickwill Posts: 2,735
    There is no real correct answer to your question. Up here, you would have between 2500 - 3000m of climbing on most rides of that distance. For a first attempt on that sort of ride, you would be going well to get round in under 7 hours- 8 hours. On a flattish ride, 6-6.5 hours would be good. It all depends on the route and how much training you have been doing. The main thing is to get out and do it, and enjoy yourself in the process.
  • hugo15hugo15 Posts: 1,101
    Depends of your fitness and the route. A couple of years ago I rode the White Rose Classic, all 113 tortuous miles of it. Took me 11 hours :oops: but I got round :) . The climbing was just relentless and very tough. Did the 101 miles of the Northern Rock Cyclone in just over 7 hours a couple of weeks ago. I am much fitter now and the Cyclone route was much easier than the WRC.
  • ged123ged123 Posts: 36
    thank you all you have been very helpfull I will just have to get on my bike and give it a go will let u know how i get on cheers
  • ged123ged123 Posts: 36
    was thinking of doing the Cumberland Challenge aug
  • nickwillnickwill Posts: 2,735
    ged123 wrote:
    was thinking of doing the Cumberland Challenge aug

    Go for it. If you pace yourself in the first half, it's not too hard for a first sportive. Be prepared for some weather though!
  • nolfnolf Posts: 1,287
    You guys have got to be kidding if your first ever 100 miler was 6hrs ish!

    My first 100 miler was solo, in the brecon beacons and took me, well all day, 12 hours or thereabouts!

    On super flat roads in a largish group, 100 miles in 6 hours 30 mins is fairly easy. But then whats the point in doing a flat 100?
    As soon as you start adding proper hills the average comes waay down.

    If you're travelling that far I'm sure you can find some proper hills!

    Just do it at a pace that you feel is sustainable. I find going with a group is good for keeping your motivation and forces you to perform better than you would. Also over that distance I always find I have a low period of 10/15 miles where everything hurts.
    Just hang on for dear life and eat looooads!! and you shoud feel better in a bit.

    Good luck!
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  • toshmundtoshmund Posts: 390
    What you want out of the day, will make a lot of difference. I have signed up for the Cumberland, and have done a 100 miles a few times in the past. In comparison though, 100 miles across Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire to get to Skegness for a charity bike ride is of no relevance. There is a 10 hour time limit, which I would be upset at if I approached, but I would like to appreciate the scenery. Along with sampling any flapjack or buns that maybe offered to me. Churlish not to! :lol: If you are using it as the culmination of a training programme, or goal. Your aims should be different. If you are the latter...can I have your flapjack :)
  • pete600pete600 Posts: 142
    Nickwill wrote:
    There is no real correct answer to your question. Up here, you would have between 2500 - 3000m of climbing on most rides of that distance. For a first attempt on that sort of ride, you would be going well to get round in under 7 hours- 8 hours.

    Done my first 100 miles on Thursday (posted details in beginners section) you are spot on i done just under 3000m of climbing in just over 7 hours. If it wasn't so hot on the last 50 miles i think i could of done it faster.[url][/url]
  • I'm doing the London to Bournemouth ride in 2 weeks time, 113 miles and I'm viewing it as an achievement to finish! I did 60 miles in 4hrs 18 mins last Sunday, but that was leisurely at 13.3 mph average - it did involve a few hills though and surprisingly, I felt fine afterwards.

    I reckon 113 miles will take us 10 hours including a few cake stops, so a 5 hour 100 seems like athlete performance to me..
  • RU talking about KM or Miles? If its miles, then, if it has any hills, 6 hours is gold medal territory. I'd reckon on a more realistic 8-10 for the vast majority of sportive riders (unless you're 21, weigh 7 stone and have enormous leg muscles).
    Yesterday I did the White Rose Challenge medium route - 80 miles - took me 6:18, just missing the silver. More nasty hills than the EDD IMO - all of them short and very sharp, with no long rolling flats between.
  • I did the Spud Riley 100 miler...ok it was awful weather - I got a time of 7h 35m.

    I doubt whether with nice weather and without a couple of stops I could reduce that down by an hour...maybe 20 mins or so. Thats also did have 10,000ft of climbing in it...

    The M'cr 100 in Septemeber hopefully will be a better measure with fair weather...although I might also have a go at the M'cr-Blackpool ride in a couple of weeks and bike back to get the total to 100-110 miles.
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