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Scott Speedster s30 with Ultegra

BornToBeAliveBornToBeAlive Posts: 3
edited July 2009 in Road buying advice
My first post - apologies if this has been covered in other threads.

A couple of places are selling Scott Speedster S30 with Ultegra upgrades for £899. I am looking to spend around £900 for a road bike and this is a possibility. It just seems a little odd that the same shops are selling the Speedster S30 with 105 for a higher price.

Here's an example: ... _27240.htm ... _19483.htm

As far as I can tell, the bikes are the same, but you pay less for Ultegra. Am I missing something?


  • brownboshbrownbosh Posts: 602
    Maybe the ultegra triple gear has not been selling? Most people who use ultegra wouldnt want a triple chainset and there may be a surplus on the market. They were selling that gruppo on chainreaction a few months ago for £360 but the 105 doubles and compacts were £50 more. The chain rings are slightly different sizes but other than that they do look the same!
  • I suppose it does make sense if the Ultegra triple is difficult to sell. But I am happy with a triple, so this looks OK.
  • I too have seen these offers and am interested. Did you end up buying one and if so how have you found it.

    This would be my first road bike, I currently have a Trek 7.6fx which is great but just feel that a road bike is the natural progression.
  • brownboshbrownbosh Posts: 602
    I owned a speedster that i built up myself with ultegra and hand built wheels. Fantastic race orientated frame.
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