Check this out......please!

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So, a mate and I thought it would be a bit of fun to design some bike bits and get 'em made.

Said mate has done a web site :

Feel free to have a look!

Stuff I have designed


  • mikeage
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    fair play for getting them made, but i'm not sure i'd like the soft, fleshy side of my hand to be so close to a sharp, almost serated edge of a bottle cap!
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    Sorry, can't allow advertising as per the rules. Have to be fair to all!

    Please use the classifieds for none trade sales.

    I have amended your post accordingly. Be aware it may still be modded further.
  • Oh er, sorry. :oops:

    Mikeage - the caps are smaller diameter than the flange so there is no problem with the caps we have tried although we are trying to test as many as possible just to make sure. Shame it means opening another bottle - Black sheep or Bomberdier next I think :D
    Stuff I have designed
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    Nice it a lot!

    Hang much does a bottle cap weigh?