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Bedgebury - Tunbridge Wells

Stew1066Stew1066 Posts: 17
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Hi guys,

Was looking at going to the Bedgebury national park this weekend and just wondered if there was anyone on here that had been. I've seen that it costs £7.50 to park there, so before clocking up the miles and paying that I thought I'd get some recommendations.

Got back into riding the last couple of years and have done some of the Trailbreak and Evans Cycles rides so got fairly good fitness levels if thats an issue.



  • It gets vmuddy depending on the weather the signage can be a bit hit and miss and the "red singletrack route" is too tame imo. But there isn't exactly a lot of competion for it locally..

    The "family routes / fire roads" are covered in some super slippy gravelly stuff, thats great for sliding!

    As you can tell I'm not the biggest fan, but I'm still likely to go again, if only cause its some where different and I can (could?) hire an extra bike and take a friend.

    South Downs isn't THAT much further when you're driving..
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  • dot1dot1 Posts: 538
    i go there fairly regularly as its my "local" proper trails. its ok, quite good fun in the dry, but an absolute pig in the wet. i went a couple of times over winter, and it was a waste of time as a lot of it was unrideable due to mud/floods. in the dry however, it can be pretty fast and fun, although its not very flowing. theyve had to make do with what hills theyve got. fitness wise i wouldnt worry, theres only one long climb at the beginning but its not that hard. im not that fit and i manage it fine. its not very technical, no rock gardens or anything, just roots. its a good beginners course id say, for building up confidence and skill and learning how to ride different aspects of trails (roots, berms, cambers etc). there isnt any drops or jumps to catch you out, although there is a designated "freeride" area that has some table tops and northshore stuff, which again is good for learning. i will be making a trip there next weekend armed with a brand new bike (hopefully!)
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  • fredstafredsta Posts: 1
    i was there a week ago to try the jumps, ther ok only a few meidium ones, i recomend it if you like to jump but your not very good, im ok so i thought it was fun

  • nonnac85nonnac85 Posts: 1,608
    I agree about the signs - I went a few weeks ago and was glad I had the trail map to find the numbered posts as I missed a few turnings as did quite a few others. It was good once you found the trails though and the freeride area is fun with different levels of difficulty too.
    Park in a layby / at the Little Chef nearby and cycle from there to avoid the carpark charges.
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