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TSSF Chapter 3

carbonfiendcarbonfiend Posts: 475
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Another 2.5 hours last night and the Scandal is feeling even better as I get used to the set up more. The handling of this bike is impecable and it feels far less skity than the S Works, on some desends last night my hands barely had hold of the grips it felt so secure underneath I also want to 'rally' this bike more whereas the S Works feels more formula 1 smooth and full of straight line power and incredible acceleration, the Scandal is cutting up corners banking hard and feeling the tryres holding on for life. I love this bike but is it because I was getting more and more feared of riding the S Works, have you seen the price of XTR now and everytime I rode the bike I felt like it was costing me £20, now with the Scandal I don't care and if something wears on I'm just gonna stick SLX on it. I'm wondering now if bikes are currently overdesigned do we really need 1.5" headsets chainstay the size of a sequoia trunk ?? Suppose I gotta back out on the S Works
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  • AndyAndy Posts: 8,207
    Surely a better comparison would be two both frames built up with exactly the same parts?
  • carbonfiendcarbonfiend Posts: 475
    for sure its nots gonna be an exact science how can it be I am regular punter who races bikes, the idea is to see in a world that most of us can relate to if a) carbon makes such a difference and b) how all the other bits compare. Each time I go out i hit different trails and I'm also running different tyres as well but I don't think the comparison has to be exact as the Scandal cost at best £1500 where the S Works is near 4k ie the differnece between the price is bigger than the difference in performance. Now so far I can't see that the extra £2500 is worth it but as I last said I need to go back out on the S Works which I plan to do as I will be racing it at Thetford for 6 hours on 19th July and then at 24/12 for 12 hours. I will post more when I have something. BTW I also though it might be an interesting read?
    '..all the bad cats in the bad hats..'
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