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Training when tired and after little sleep?

Jonesy.Jonesy. Posts: 94
Hi all,

Does anyone know what the health implications are (if any) of doing physical exercise when tired and after little sleep?

I'm just talking about doing an easy ride, for example, say two hours at around 65% - 85% MHR.

Could this actually help to increase the body's stamina by training it to work hard when tired, or is it just detrimental to one's health?

Any thoughts / experience?


  • My sleep is erratic so I do this quite often.
    So yes you can do it and yes in a way its healthy in that you are actually doing something at that intensity for the benefit of your heart.
    However, your muscle only grows when you are asleep so repeatedly doing this with little sleep will increase muscle wastage over fat loss.

    So ultimately its very detrimental - but dont worry about the odd day and just enjoy the ride.
  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    I used to train at the gym four times a week - almost always after a quick powernap (20-30 mins) in the afternoon. Put on three stone of healthy weight in 18 months...
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