Old seatpost question

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I've got an old Sun (of Nottingham) bike - perhaps a branch of Raleigh, it's a Sun Solo.

The seat post in it is far too short for me, I want to replace it but can't see any markings on the post. I've measured the diameter of the post with a ruler, it seems to be about 25mm, this is the diameter including the metal that comprises the seatpost, not the inner hole of the seatpost.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to get an accurate reading? I've seen posts that are 25mm and 25.4mm, the bike cost me £30 and I don't fancy wasting a bucket of money buying ill fitting posts!


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    Take is to your LBS and get them to measure it.
    Seatposts tend to go up in 0.2mm increments.You need to make sure the seat post is within 0.2mm either way of its actual size.