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Dalby Forest

shockashocka Posts: 27
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Absolute pants!!
Instead of trying to get the world cup, they should spent some money repairing the existing trails! 26 miles of toil along a load of dolamite, dont get me wrong i dont expect (or want) a surface like the M1 but aren't trail centres supposed to flow.
I have ridden Dalby,Glentress, Whinlatter & Stainburn. Dalby is not a patch on any of these, even the non professional built Stainburn!


  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    If you want flow go sit in a river :wink:

    The very same builders who built Stainburn built Dalby
  • bungalisticbungalistic Posts: 543
    Can't help but agree with OP, I didn't find the route at Dalby particularely fun or flowy, there was one section of ok downhill bit that takes you back into the big car park but really not worth it for the work you do before it. Maybe it was just too XC for my liking or maybe I was just having a bad day, possibly I just need to ride it again on a nice day, some trails to get better the more you ride them.
  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,910
    Andy_B wrote:
    If you want flow go sit in a river :wink:

    The very same builders who built Stainburn built Dalby
    Was he having a bad day when he designed Dalby :lol:
    Must admit we thought it was censored when we went.Not a patch on any of the Welsh/Scottish/Lakes trail centres.
  • hoponbabyhoponbaby Posts: 22
    news to me that trail centres are meant to flow!!! bore me to tearsif they did..i ride mabie regularly and the red route has hardly had a shovel of hardcore near it in 8 year
  • First rode Dalby with a mate a year ago. After completing the 34km Dalby red, excluding the play in the fun park we were knackered! We did not enjoy the day and met a number of riders on the trail that expressed the view of shocka. My mate vowed never to go back but he lives in the Lake District – why would he!
    With Dalby being localish I have been back a number of times and now go quite regularly with my cousin. Our route has been extended to include the black sections and the forest sections are stunning. My favourite parts are the single track snaking around the hills as its sandy base drains well and can be ridden fast.
    I have ridden Dalby in the rain, snow and now the summer has brought a new dimension – long grass. The flowing single track is now obscured and difficult to read. I can see why first time visitors will slate it in the summer, the best part of the trail (in my opinion) can not reveal itself.
    I am sat here on a Sunday afternoon and not riding as I have had my biggest accident that happened on a Dalby red section. I blame the long grass as the corners were coming up quicker than usual. Pushing on at normal speed managed to face plant over a tree root and hurt my back. All a bit annoying after riding the black sections earlier in the day!

    The previous comments were spot on saying Dalby is not like a trail centre. The more I ride Dalby the more I appreciate it. If you want a well marked, long ride on varied terrain with a multitude of trail options and a great café at the end you can not go wrong at Dalby. Just don’t expect fast flowing man made downhill sections.
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