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  • LAW4778
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    I bought MBUK for the first time about 20 years ago been out of biking for 15 years recently got back into it and for the last 3 months i have bought MBUK, WMB and MBR i must say i wanted to like MBUK but the only thing i like is that they still have mint sauce, my favourite is WMB for the reviews and all the different kit in it and then MBR for reading about the routes and such, i also feel like what i read in WMB is just repeated in MBUK or vice versa probably cause they are from the magazine group so i now know i only need to buy the one, from now on my first port of call will WMB then when i have worn that out MBR.

    I've fancied Singletrack but it seems a bit thin for the price so haven't bothered.
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  • Wacky Racer
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    I have read all the MTB ones, MBUK is my regular read, but occasionally find myself buying copies of MBR and WMB.

    But the one which has got my attention on here is Singletrack!! Never heard of it, never seen it anywhere, and now I'm wondering who stocks it? I'd like to get a copy to see what it's like, someone please tell me where.

    Ridley Orion
  • Sixtoes
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    I buy either Singletrack or WMB.

    I really like the kits reviews and layout of WMB, but I prefer the style and type of article in Singletrack.

    Wacky Racer - I've only ever been able to buy Singletrack in WH Smith's round here, never seen it anywhere else.
  • Wacky Racer
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    Sixtoes - Cheers, I'll get my Mrs to check next time she goes.
    Ridley Orion
  • Rory75
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    I got a big pile of MBUK gather dust if you want some of them to check them out. Give me a shout by a PM or contact me at and I'll post some of them over to you. That goes for anyone else who wants some of them, just pass them on when you have finished with them.