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1hr + laps?

suristasurista Posts: 141
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Thanks for the replies to my earlier thread on beginner racing in London - I now have another newbie question - I'd always thought of races as being over a fixed distance and/or a fixed number of laps, but what kind of race would a '1hr + laps' race be?



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  • schlepcyclingschlepcycling Posts: 1,606
    That would be a criterium, which is a circuit race traditionally run on a time + laps basis, I also think that cyclocross races are run the same way.
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  • suristasurista Posts: 141
    Txs for the reply - it still wasn't making a lot of sense, but you pointed me to the Wiki crit page, and from there I eventually found an explanation that made sense to this newbie:

    I now recall seeing these in NY - for those of you that live on the UWS of Manhattan, I lived at 125th and Riverside, and I recall seeing races in March when I was there - turns out this was the Grant's Tomb Criterium. I remember thinking it looked rather terrifying given the speeds people were taking corners at...

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  • nolfnolf Posts: 1,287
    They're good fun...!

    Just stay near the front and try an hold your speed through the corners to save you from repeatedly accelerating.
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