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Does anyone know where I can get a shim that will allow me to fit a 29.4 seatpost to a 31.6 frame? (I foolishly bought a seatpost on ebay that doesn't fit my bike).



  • Wooliferkins
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    You may struggle here, 29.4 posts are uncommon enough but I doubt anyone makes a shim for them. A possibility is to buy a shim that is the thickness you need ie 2.2mm an deform it around your post. Not ideal or guaranteed to work but maybe possible. The USE 27.2-29.4 (2.2 thick) is plastic, some judicious boiling water or a hairdryer might soften it enough to go round. Other than that it's find a friendly machinist with a piece of 29.4 ID tubing and a lathe.
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    you can get 1mm generic sims, so you could use two.

    I'd sell it and buy a 31.6 if I were you
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  • adamleibo
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    Think I'm going to have to buy a new seatpost.... anyone interested in a 29.4 x 250 FSA Carbon seatpost?