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Tyre choice

cgarossicgarossi Posts: 729
edited June 2009 in MTB general
I'm running stock tyres on my Trek Fuel EX8 and to be honest they aren't filling me with confidence.

I was out yesterday going down a fairly gravely trail and I could feel the tyres washing out. Also performance was poor in damp conditions. I tried a tight turn in and bottled out because I didnt have any confidence the tyre would keep me on the track. I forget the model of the tyre but its by Bontrager.

Does anyone know of a good quality fast rolling tyre that can handle gravel and wet conditions with ease? I have Mountain King 2.2's on my Scott, would swapping them over be an improvment?


  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    If you like your MKs you could do worse than Nobby Nics which are more grippy than MKs but eversoslightly slower. The only thing that lets them down is the paper-thin carcasss and sidewalls which makes them prone to comedy punctures and they are very sensitive to pressure. Go for the 2.25s or the 2.4s, and the Snakeskin derivative if you can afford it.
  • cgarossicgarossi Posts: 729
    Since im not using my Scott as much I might just swap the tyres over. But will look into those tyres you recommend. Thanks.
  • CpsCps Posts: 356
    Many people have found the original tyres on the EX don' t suit alot of riding conditions so best be changed

    Strange thing is I put mine onto my Rigid Single Speed and they work in all conditions !!!

    Guess it must be something to do with gears and suspension .

    My choice for the EX were Kenda Dred Treads -
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