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group/club training rides broughton astley

stinkerstevestinkersteve Posts: 21
edited June 2009 in Amateur race

Any one know of any groups that go out around the Broughton Astley/ Lutterworth are!

Getting back oon the bike but new to the area!

Cheers and Beers



  • Richie GRichie G Posts: 283

    I live just up the road in Narborough. Not sure how well you know the area yet, but i'm a member of Hinckley CRC. (Hinckley isn't far from you at all.) We have a fairly informal club run at 9am on a Sunday. However, as a lot of us are racing at weekends at the moment it might be worth checking beforehand if many are riding. If you fancy it, we have an evening 10 mile time trial every Tuesday evening. Come and have look tonight if you like - you don't have to ride and there's tea and cake! Norman, who's wife does the teas usually leads the Sunday rides, so it might be worth having a word with him. Here's a link to our website:
    Hope that's of some use to you!

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