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Late Marmotte entry

bikeav8orbikeav8or Posts: 77
I've decided to do the Marmotte this year, but have left it all a bit late :(

Main question is :- has any one done it as a Radonneur without a medical certificate and entry on the day or via the site?

Are the radonneurs able to eat at the feed stations or not?

I'm sure the medical would be no problem but not sure I could squeeze a Doctors visit in in time.

Any one got any experience of late or on the day entries and or problems?

Thanks in advance :D


  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    Quick bikeav8or, see here: ... t=12631853

    You need to sign up soon. You can do it as a randonneur and will get food and water of course, just no finishing place. Not much difference.
  • richaricha Posts: 1,634
    Randonneur not a problem, nor should food & water be. Entry place & accommodation might be, so act soon. Go for it.
  • bikeav8orbikeav8or Posts: 77
    Thanks chaps , have just tried to enter to find no places left :(

    Guess the limitation of 7000 would apply to the radonneurs aswell.

    Anyone got a place they don't need ??
  • Le CommentateurLe Commentateur Posts: 4,099
    If you can get down there the week before -- that is, this weekend, or realistically, Friday -- you could do La Vaujany, which is in the same area, takes in the upper half of Alpe d'Huez and has about a tenth the number of entrants. Some lovely scenic sections, such as the view from the descent of the Col de Sarenne, and has a challenging finishing climb. I thought it was a great course and an under-rated event compared to the Marmotte.
  • I entered last week and was successfully entered with bib 7062.

    Might be worth trying anyway.
  • bikeav8orbikeav8or Posts: 77
    Just tried again !

    computer says nooo

    Registration closed

    Thanks any way
  • UncleFredUncleFred Posts: 227
    One of my friends has an entry and is not going, I've sent him the link to this thread so he can contact you.
  • AndyRubioAndyRubio Posts: 880
    The feed stops are very chaotic, just approach and take a load of food. Lean your bike on the side of the road, how can they know you're not taking part?
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