Giordana Body Clone

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Has anyone here got this range of Bibs and jerseys?

Are they comfortable for long rides. especially in warm/hot weather?

I am looking at getting a pair of each in the black/red colour.


  • Frank the tank
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    I have bibs and jerseys and I've done rides of over 100 miles in them and I've found them most comfy and well worth the money. :D
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  • huuregeil
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    Yes, I have some bibs. Excellent! Very, very comfy insert, good fabrics and a well thought out design (e.g. leg grippers, little pocket on the back, etc.). Only thing is I found the sizing a bit interesting. I'm generally a L in all things italian, and M in things north american. I ended up with an L giordana but I could quite easily have gone for the M - it feels to me as though the sizes are in between a bit, so go smaller if in doubt (based on my experience at least!).
  • Nuggs
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    Yes - Giordana bibs are my favourite (and I own some Assos shorts).