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My Semi new Ride

Glynnd111Glynnd111 Posts: 169
edited June 2009 in Your mountain bikes

Frame: Voodoo BOKOR
Forks: Marzocchi MX Pro LO
Bars: FSA
Stem: FSA
Grips: Nomal grips ?
Bar Ends: None

Front Brake Lever assy: Hayes hydraulic
Front Caliper: Hayes hydraulic
Front disc: Not sure
Rear Brake Lever assy:Hayes hydraulic
Rear Caliper: Hayes hydraulic
Rear Disc: Not sure
Hoses: Not sure

Shifters: Deore
Cables: Shimano
Front Mech: Deore
Rear Mech: Shimano LX
Chain Device: Not sure ?

Seat Post:FSA
Seat Post Clamp:FSA

Cranks:Not a clue
Chainring(s):Not a clue
Chain:Not a clue
Cassette:Not a clue
Pedals:Not a clue
Bottom Bracket:ISIS

Front Wheel: WTB
Rim: WTB
Spokes:black ?
Hub:not sure
Tube:not sure

Back Wheel:WTB
Hub:not sure
Tube:not sure

Weight: Light ish

Other info:


  • xtreemxtreem Posts: 2,965
    Nice garden.

    And what's wrong with your dropouts, they look strange. :?
    Good looking bike too.
  • Glynnd111Glynnd111 Posts: 169
    Thanks about the garden although i must confess the wife does that and as for the dropout there adjustable so you can change it to a single speed its a voodoo thing i think they all come with them
  • CliveeClivee Posts: 8
    Sorry, I dont understand the title of the post. Your new ride gave you a semi ?? :lol:
  • Glynnd111Glynnd111 Posts: 169
    LOL :D not quite it was an ex display model from halfords so its kinda new maybe i should have said kinda instead of semi lol
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