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Easy ish routes in Keswick

robklancsrobklancs Posts: 498
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I am looking for an easyish route around Keswick. I am taking a group of school children out for a 2 hour (max) ride. They are beginners but not completeley new to mtb.

Im struggling to find a route, i have found one but think it may be too hard, if you have done it what is your opinion on it, please

here it is ... eld-418662

My other option is to take them to Whinlatter but i think these routes will be too much for them, even the blue route.

Is there anything else in the area that is easy?
We can ride as far south as Seatoller.

Thanks in advance if you can help out!


  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,899
    I think that would be a good ride,we've walked along it and its pretty flat.(disused railway)
    Whinlatter is hilly even if you just stick to the fire-roads.
  • robklancsrobklancs Posts: 498
    thanks for the reply,

    what about the section around the stone circle, is there a climb to get to this?
  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877

    What sort of distances are you looking at? I know that you have said 2 hours but how far would you expect them to be able to ride in that time?

    I can probably work out something for you.
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  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,899
    robklancs wrote:
    thanks for the reply,

    what about the section around the stone circle, is there a climb to get to this?
    Yes but just a steady one.
  • EffohEffoh Posts: 25
    Hi Rob,

    The route you have posted is all easy gradients, apart from the descent from Castlerigg into Keswick. Point 6 on your map is more or less on the A591 main road junction and you will be descending off the fell fairly steeply - some care required but nothing that can't be done if safety and braking is promoted!

    Another option may be to go out and back from 1-4-1 - it's lovely down by the river on the old railway.


  • BlackadderBlackadder Posts: 187
    just go to Whinlatter on the black trail :)
    I'm sure it'd be a right laugh watchion them fall of :lol::p

    To Hell with the HSE! :P
  • robklancsrobklancs Posts: 498
    I think id be scared on a black trail, never mind the kids!

    Effoh- Thanks for the info, i was looking at just taking them there and back but i dont think a group of 14 year olds would give it as much appreciation as it deserves and I would like to include a few bumps where possible.

    Dave Hill- I will be stopping at certain points to show technique, discuss route etc- in 2 hours i would estimate between 5 and 10 miles due to stoppages and any mechanicals we will come across. Id be very grateful if you know of a route.

  • shockashocka Posts: 27
    The Whinlatter blue run would be ideal for you, no significant climbs or descents, trail is a lot wider than the red routes & all the rocky sections have an option to ride them or just stick to the trail. If the weather is windy you will be afforded protection in the forest and there is a good cafe & toilet facilities. I think it is about 10km in total.
    The old railway line to Threlkeld is a nice ride as well, very flat, gets a little wet in places, runs right along the river all the way, about 5 miles, from there the route up to Castlerigg takes in some minor roads up to the stone circle, from there you would be best riding from the stone circle back to Keswick where the road meets the A591 at this junction you can pick up the railway line again back to the swimming pool & avoiding the town centre.
  • shockashocka Posts: 27
    Just as your route says, just read it! :oops:
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