Campag Veloce vs Shimano 105 callipers

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Bog standard defy 3 with tektro brakes.
Like to upgrade the calipers with either one of the above.
Any recommendations?
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  • keef66
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    Do the tektros have a quick release on the caliper like Shimano to allow you to get the wheel out / in? Or is it on the brake lever like Campag? Cos if you end up with Shimano type levers and Campag type calipers you'd have no way of opening the brakes up to get the tyre between the blocks
  • Mister W
    Mister W Posts: 791
    Have you tried upgrading the pads first?
  • keef66
    keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Looking at pics on Wiggle's site the calipers look like they have the Shimano type QR system, so I'd go for 105's out of the two you mention.

    But as Mister W says, try upgrading the pads. Koolstop salmon seem to be frequently recommended in these forums. Or Swiss Stop something, but they always seem more expensive to me.
  • ride_whenever
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    I'd try ashima triple compound pads, they're very nice.
  • SCR Pedro
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    +1 for upgrading the pads. I doubt you would notice a big difference by changing the callipers. The money you've budgeted for callipers would be better spent on quality tyres, or if you've already done that, some new handlebars or something.

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