Bamboo bikes.

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Do you think this will ever take off? ... amboo-bike

The raw material must be cheaper than producing steel, carbon fibre or aluminium, and in terms of sustainable development it could help cycling to boost its environmental credentials even more.


  • Maybe, depends on disadvantages and strengths and weaknesses etc, also is it cheaper than a carbon or alu frame?. And is it strong enough. If it is going to go mainstream then they are going to have to advertise it more and possibly get a big bike manufacturer involved.
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    Might be popular with Pandas.....
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  • dilemna wrote:
    Might be popular with Pandas.....

    As some cyclists look like panda's after a days riding in the sun when they take their shades off it could be appropriate.

    Bianchi. There are no alternatives only compromises!
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    As some cyclists look like panda's after a days riding in the sun when they take their shades off it could be appropriate.
    More like negative pandas - light round the eyes and dark elsewhere!
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    Sounds interesting, but seems way distant in the future before it goes mainstream. Somebody will have to win the Tour on a bamboo frame before it catches on big.
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    Marying a bamboo frame up to racing groupsets and wheels no doubt gives an eye catching concept but it gives a price tag of '000's of pounds.

    This looks like intermediate technology for developing countries - renewable raw materials, biodegradable at end of life and simple to construct.

    It isn't really the answer to the frame partner for a group and wheel set costing £2k if it's going to catch on.
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    Calfee actually make one. supposedly v.comfortable. Musueew uses flax in their bikes so why not bamboo. It's strong,light and sustainable.

    Oops, hadn't read the OP, but quite a bit on Google about this. If i had the money/space I'd be interested in trying one.
  • There was a cardboard bike featured on the BBC news a few months back, can't recall exactly how much of it was cardboard, but the entrie frame was certainly.

    The designer said it was deliberatly made to look rubbish, so that nobody would want to nick it.
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    On the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia, next year's crop of bicycles is being watered by Benjamin Banda.


    Looks nice and light :)