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Trek1000 2006vs2007vs2008

Michaelp1234Michaelp1234 Posts: 22
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my brother is jealous of my new bike and he is looking for a road bike and found a used one but in pristine condition as the owner says.He find the seller from an ad in newspaper so we cant confirm on that.The price he is asking is 300pounds.We will go for an examination :lol: in 2 days.He ask him from telephone -what is the year of the bike? and the seller said that he didn't know for sure but he was guessing that was a 2008 bike.
So we need to know how can we recognize that the bike is a 2008 or 2007 or even a 2006 bike? Is there any differences on the parts or frame? Maybe there a number on frame that says the date,like a serial number?
Any info would be appreciated


  • El ImbatidoEl Imbatido Posts: 144
    Ok to start with, from 2008 onwards Trek's aluminium series of bikes were rebranded from the 1000 series to the 1. series. ie.1.2, 1.5, 1.7, 1.9 and also these were a different frame. More a compact than the traditional sizing that Trek has used previously.

    This link will help:
    Here you can look back over the different year models. Most will have very similar components, so maybe the best way to tell them will be the paint job.

    Also 300 pounds might be a bit of a stretch, well it always depends on the condition but at the end of last year i bought a brand new 07 Trek 1000 for 275 pounds and that was in a clearence sale.
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  • Thanks El Imbatido,
    this link is all we need.
  • Mister WMister W Posts: 791
    I'd say that £300 for a second hand entry level Trek is a bit steep, even if it is pristine. Second hand bikes go for silly money. Just have a look on eBay to see how little you need to spend to pick up something really good.
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,038
    Well.. when I trawl Ebay, the bike prices seem to be up there for decent pieces of kit that is.. not talking about 40 year rusty ratters....

    just wondering what's your rule of thumb as regards Ebay price compared to say list price for the 2nd hand market .. percentage wise
  • Thank you guys ,
    My brother is the new owner of the bike and is in pristine condition like seller said but the year of the bike was not 2008 like seller imagine but was 2006 so we asked for
    -£200 and he said NO!-NO!
    -and we said Last price
    We have a Deal :lol:

    Thank you again for helping us.I will upload some pic of the bike later.It really looks like new. :P
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