Changing an Integrated headset - Tools required?

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Having worked out which type of replacement headset I need, ie a campy compatible, I'm not sure which tools I need to change the headset. Does anyone have any recommendations for the headset and also which tools do I need. I have a carbon frame and steerer (Cannondale Synapse). The last two headsets have been FSA and have only lasted a year each.
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  • Wappygixer
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    The only tools needed are allen keys and something to remove the crown race from the forks.I often use a pen knife and work my way around the crown loosening it off.
    Bearings are just press fit
  • freshtrax
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    OK thanks, so I could just change the bearings. Anyone know the bearing code/ size I need? I know the headset is a 45 degree/45 degree campy compatible
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  • nicklouse
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    and you can use the same crown race.

    remove the old bearings and read the codes on them or take then to a bearing shop.
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    There about 3 or 4 different types of bearing - there's a useful reference on the FSA website. Often i't just as cheap to buy the whole headset rather than just the bearings. You shouldn't need to fit a new crown race on your forks as they don't wear with cartridge bearings IME. You only need a couple of Allen keys and some grease to replace them.
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