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New Bike !!!!!!!!

frankieboyfrankieboy Posts: 32
edited June 2009 in MTB general
Well finally did it sold my trusty Kona coiler(04) to mate (very pleased) and test rode a few bikes from Common Assault in Ringwood (Hants) who i might add were very friendly and helpful.

So decided on a Commencal Meta 5.5 second and with a little helpful advice from Mike the owner and Ollie Fielder(Kona Jump Geezer) who works there paid some folding stuff and was on my way.

Rode the bike back mostly off road via a little north shore type play area by Moors valley and wow what a bike awesome can't believe i was hauling 37lbs of kona about good as it was to the meta's 29lbs.

love it, love it,love it well not a bad bike lol.

To top it all off when i stopped at the play area Ollies brother Grant (Chopper) Fielder and a couple of other bikey geezers were there i felt very humble and very novice like lol i thought i was a legend doing a four foot ladder drop only to see Grant doing massive air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Right i'm out riding now so thats it for now can't keep off it.


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