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Essex rides???

fudgekinfudgekin Posts: 3
edited June 2009 in Routes
Hi, Can you help? Going to a wedding soon in Nayland Essex. Never been to this region before & wondered if there's any mtb routes out there. Just come back from Afan & can't stop riding my bike - can't loose a wk'end!!

Many thanks in advance.


  • Epping Forest has plenty of twisty singletrack but is as flat as a pancake and can get muddy.
  • Jimbo.Jimbo. Posts: 124
    ...but is as flat as a pancake and can get muddy.

    The same could be said for all of Essex! If you've just come from Afan, then TBH you're in for an almighty disappointment...
  • fudgekinfudgekin Posts: 3
    Crikey think I best leave the wedding asap & get back to the hilly country! might just check out Epping forest for some skills practice. Thanks for your replies. F.
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