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Weekend Riding

MTB_AdsMTB_Ads Posts: 36
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Anyone planning any riding this weekend, been out already?

Just shot out for a ride today, ideal weather, not too hot and a bit of breeze. Only a 20k loop but 'twas awesome fun, got a couple of snaps...

Shifty looking random cat eyeing up my grub!


  • c0zzc0zz Posts: 9
    Done abit of riding, Went down a few local paths around my area and hammered it down a trail and my cones just shattered and back end locked up, luckily i slammed my censored on the seat and kept control, Just put a censored wheel on to keep me going, for tommorow when i'm hopefully gunna be doing a 24 mile ride to new miller dam in wakefield and back :)

    Nice looking shots there mate!
  • projectsomeprojectsome Posts: 4,478
    rode from bristol to bath and back (28 miles) for charity which included free beerfrom a local brewery and will most likely ride my local trails tomorrow.
    FARKBOOK TWATTER Happiness is my censored mood!
  • MTB_AdsMTB_Ads Posts: 36
    cheers mate, just waiting on some JC comments, lol.

    Sounds good, moments like that are part and parcel, can't beat the old adrenaline rush, I had a few moments but luckily have found some bottle recently and found that when I'm shooting downhill if I just relax, get my hands off the brakes and let the bike do the work I'm fine.

    Thinking of shooting out tomoz, really just can't get enough at the moment. Anyone got any recommended rides in the Devon, coming from Ex area.
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