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Back ache - with pictures!

landrangerlandranger Posts: 220
Hi all,
I get an ache in my back all the time when riding. It's especially bad when I'm peddling up an incline while seated.
I can only describe it as a good ache, not necessarily pain, and it's in the area I've coloured in. The aching is either side of my spine and feels like muscles about the size of a chicken fillet each side, say a third of the way up - if this makes sense?

Now, is this my riding position, do I need to stretch before riding, it'll get easier or what?

Any help much appreciated :D

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  • TomBeardsleyTomBeardsley Posts: 150
    I get that sort of ache after long rides and I'm only 16. I reckon, as the pain is focused at the bottom of the trapezius muscles thats its posture. The trapezius also go up the back of the neck so I'd imagine if your head is looking to the front wheel or nearby to you then it would put pressure on this area. This would make sense for climbing when presumably you get your head down, and hunch your back, tensioning the trapezius muscles to gruel it out right?
    Also when we cycle our torso rotates as we pedal, focusing more pressure on this area.
    I'm not an expert but it all makes sense.
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  • SimonM83SimonM83 Posts: 22
    I've had it a few times, but only after spending a while out of the saddle. Likely because I'm leaning forward and stretching the back muscles (also a good, stretching feeling). You say it happens when pedalling on an incline. If you think about it, not only will you be leaning forward, naturally you will be pulling up on the handlebars, not just with your arms but your torso (especially on the steep hills), which will require your back musles.
  • landrangerlandranger Posts: 220
    Thanks guys, you've been a great help.

    At least I know it's nothing serious. :D
    Sink the eight ball. Buy the lady a drink. And nobody knows my name.
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