Vatternrundan in Sweden

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I've recently finished the Vatternrundan in Sweden, a 300km (186.41miles) sportive type ride. All went well, however after about 100km.....I felt the need to pee......nothing odd in that. But, I needed to pee every 40km or so. I use a camelback and I have a bottle on the frame, if anything I was dehydrated as I didn't refill them. (plus is was only about 6c degrees, windy and raining)
So, my question is: Why am I peeing so much? What am I doing / not doing??

(nb: before anyone pipes up, I did post this same question on another forum on bikeradar, but this one might be better)


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    Interesting. I was wondering the same thing. I went through 5 bottles in 12 hours of riding, 2 of squash and 3 of High 5. Not a lot but I was also drinking at every rest stop. After Jonkoping I was like a race horse, so by rights I should have been thirsty or dehydrated as a result. I wonder if it was anything to do with the blueberry drink they serve up at every stop?
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    God I hate that soup!!
    I don't think the soup has anything to do with my peeing problems....I did speak with a couple of other riders who had the same problem. To my mind my bladder was emptying far too quickly...or at least any fluid I was taking on, was going straight through me.
    But why is this?
    Surely some expert long distance audax people on BR know the answer to this?
    Or some medical bod?

    As the weather was awful I did drink coffee at the feeding stations to help warm up....perhaps that was the problem??

    Would love to get to the bottom of this, as it must have taken a good 10-20 mins off my time!!
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    I have had days doing long rides when I have had to pee a lot, other days (relatively) very little.
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    Thanks for the reply...glad I'm not alone..but I'm still on a quest to discover the answer!!!
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    dont know answer (maybe as simple as pressure on your bladder when youre in the bent over position with your legs going up and down -rather than walking around/sitting upright and still?) Anyway - I have the same - big drop on bike from bars to saddle (12cm) and need to pxss every 50k usually - mates just take the mick out of my bladder size...until I threaten to pxss on their carbon :)
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    by the way - I also did the Vattn in the rain this year - and was exactly the same - if it had been real hot/dry etc etc you may well have pxssed less