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Finally I've got my bike!!

UnderpantsUnderpants Posts: 120
edited June 2009 in MTB beginners
After much messing about I've finally collected my Kona Cinder Cone and I love it already.

Not even had a chance to take her out properly, only round the block to check all seems to be in order and I wont get chance to until Sunday.... :(

She's a beaut though...taking her to Dalby Forest next Saturday.


  • GTi-R23GTi-R23 Posts: 175
    8) Enjoy it,

    Where is the obligatory kitchen pic though?! :lol:
  • bomberesquebomberesque Posts: 1,701
    Everything in moderation ... except beer
    Beer in moderation ... is a waste of beer

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    then riding a rigid singlespeed is like licking it
    ... or being punched by it, depending on the day
  • UnderpantsUnderpants Posts: 120
    GTi-R23 wrote:
    8) Enjoy it,

    Where is the obligatory kitchen pic though?! :lol:

    I did take a censored one on my BlackBerry but how do I post that on here??
  • UnderpantsUnderpants Posts: 120
  • LustralLustral Posts: 29
    Hehe i picked up my Cinder Cone 09 about 2 weeks ago as well ... done about 90 miles on it already

    Its going back to my LBS at some point as something is squeeking under heavy pedaling after a few miles , i cant pin point where it is , i believe it is either the bottom bracket or pedals , its making a grinding noise ... it doesnt do it instantly , only when i have done a few miles on it.
    Kona Cinder Cone 2009
  • UnderpantsUnderpants Posts: 120
    Going out on it for the first time properly tonight. It's been killing me with it just sat in my basement and me not being able to take it out!

    Hope I dont have any annoying squeeks or grinding sounds...stuff like that annoys me to much and drives me mental :!:
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