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Eating advice before biking competition.

Plasma_manPlasma_man Posts: 129
On Saturday is the Swiss Ironbike Challenge.

If you are interested, click "anlass" then "strecken" to see the routes.

I am doing the 62km mountian bike route with a total elevation gain of 4200ft. If I start at around 10am, what would be the recommended food to eat before. My fitness isn't too bad. In April when I started biking again after some probs with my foot last year, I collapsed after a 30 seconds small incline! Now I feel comfortable with 1hr climbs over a few miles and do 4 runs a week, 2 around 15 miles and 2 around 30-40 miles.

Is a big bowl of muesli with a banana 1.5 hours before I start enough. If I carry some power bars, when should I take an hour after I start or just before I start?? How long does it take for a power bar to kick in and how long does the extra energy last.

When I go on a weekend run, I usually east pretty light before I go (muesli and banana's), drink loads during the run and eat 1 energy bar in the middle. My GPS says I burn about 3000cal. I never feel too tired after the ride. Im 5'9, 34 waist, 14.5 stone bmi is 29 so i am trying to get rid of the beer belly built up during winter.

Any advice is really appreciated. I will try and snap some shots on Saturday and post them.


- 2013 Cube LTD, SL 29, grey / black.


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