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scally56scally56 Posts: 115
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I want to do bit of riding on the Rigdeway and elsewhere in Oxfordshire, problem is i've no idea where. Can someone give me a helping hand to show me where to go. Idealy links to maps if at all possible.




  • l200l200 Posts: 13
    Buy an OS map of the chilterns and get exploring theres soooo much riding to be had.
  • duncanvaleduncanvale Posts: 18
    Hi Simon,

    I reguarly ride up on the ridgeway and recently did the trailbreak cycle so i have routes up to 62 miles long.I can show you some of the routes (all starting from Grove/wantage area) or bring your OS map and transfer the routes onto it. I mainly cycle weekends and most nights between 4-5pm.

  • gaff_taffgaff_taff Posts: 346
    Hey ,

    Were abouts in oxfordshire are you, there are some cracking trails around the benson area with steep climbs and fast downhills bridleways.
    There is a cycle club that welcome new members, it dosnt matter what skill level you are either.

    Regards taff
  • scally56scally56 Posts: 115

    I live in Risinghurst right next to shotover, next to the city centre. I can stick my bike in the car no problem to get places. I'm free all summer due to being a teacher, and would like to join up for a ride. My skill level is none, hahahahaha.

    Cheers for the info

  • Scally, I agree with the others.... just buy yourself a good OS map of The Chilterns (around Chinnor for example) and just get out and experiment and discover! If you are new to riding off road, don't pressure yourself to try too much too soon, and don't worry about only riding "easy" routes.

    If very stuck for ideas, why not do what I suggested to my beginner cousin this summer. Just take the bike by train to Swindon, first thing in the morning, then follow the Ridgeway back from around Wanborough back to Didcot. That should be just right on a nice sunny dry day, but do ride with someone else. A nice and well marked section to ride.

  • Yeah there is loads around the ridgeway.. I find a good starting point is didcot.. For you get the train to didcot then head to upton on the old railway, From upton there are a few routes up onto the ridgeway..

    Gimme a shout if you want some help

    Jon boy
  • KonaKurtKonaKurt Posts: 720
    edited September 2009
    Hey Jonny, I agree. That is a favorate route of mine too. The old railway cyclepath is a nice warm up to Upton. Then I head up past Churn Farm, and onto any number of interesting trails, especially around Compton. Some of the trails are very chalky though, and should be treated with great care in the wet. Just coming off the Ridgeway to the north is Lowbury hill, where some of the minor trails are very boggy. The Fair Mile is a lovely run back down to the main Streatley road, while the trails leading into East Ilsley make for a nice pub stop.

    All in all, makes for a nice day's riding before heading back to Didcot's trains.

  • Did you know that Oxon is short for oxfordshire? I didn't until yesterday.... that is all :)
  • Some people still think Oxon means 'Oxford' as in just the city. Oh well, what do I care.. I'm moving to Dorset soon. I mean, 'Dorr-zzit'.

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