Some Good News

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I know in the past I have voiced my thoughts over those people criticising organisers for charging too much for sportives and I thought my event, The White Rose Challenge was excellent value at just £25.

Well it's almost full, but I'm still adding to the event to make it even better for you riders. As well as free food before and after the event, now EVERY rider will get a good quality canvas goody bag (like the euro sportive ones) with a free SIS gel in and other goodies... you'll also get 1 free litre of SIS drink each (I have paid for this and the gel, it is not free!) and we are offering top prizes for the best fundraisers.

So to the knockers bear this in mind, I may even make a loss on this years event by charging just £25, because I am giving so much back.

Check out the website for more details.

Hope your training is going well and come say hello on the day!

<b>Event Website:</b>


  • Yorkman
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    Forgot about this - just entered!
  • nasahapley
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    Was going to do this as it's my most local sportive (starts less than a mile from my gaff), and it's a great route, but unfortunately I'm down south next weekend.

    Booboo - do you still organise those sportive training rides now and again? I understand that organising the WRC must take up a lot of time, but if you start doing them again, could you post on here?
  • Thanks for the reminder, I also forgot and just entered the 133km ride. Looking for a good hilly workout as part of my Etape preparations, and hope I can attack this route with a bit more gusto than the long one. Fingers crossed the good weather forecast for next week holds out until the weekend.