What happened to proper frames?

mtbhenry888 Posts: 287
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I'm looking for a decent steel frame, not for audax or winter use, not for deep drop brakes and mudgaurds i'm looking for a traditional steel either lugged or tig welded ideally frame for general summer road duties, can i find one suitable, not really.

Ritchey make a breakaway frame and the frame itself is ideal tig welded, plain steel except at £700 i cant justify the cost as i will never travel with it.

Bob Jackson make a olympus frame off the peg for £400 with custom colour options, it's a traditional lugged road frame with a 1 1/8th headset, ideal execpt for the 11 week waiting list, but this is what i will go for if i cannot find anything else.

any other ideas, roberts are way too expensive for me at the moment, no-one seems to make a steel off the shelf road bike complete anymore and titanium doesn't do it for me like steel does, and its twice the price

any info or ideas would be great
Carbon fibre, it's all nonsense. Drink beer. Ride a steel bike. Don't be a ponce.