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Tour de france radio coverage

BarkiesnakeBarkiesnake Posts: 244
edited June 2009 in The bottom bracket
Hi everyone,

With the tour fast approaching does anyone know if there is a live english language radio commentary for it anywhere.
last year i listened via my computer but this year my machine has been upgraded by work but does not have a sound card :cry:
Help please :D
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  • avoidingmyphdavoidingmyphd Posts: 1,154
    Five Live are planning 90 mins live coverage daily BUT I don't think it will actually be on the radio (!) - just red button etc.

    have a look at and scroll down to may 19th. It's a bit ambiguous...
  • FatLarryFatLarry Posts: 209
    The term "upgrade" in Microsoft world really is an oxymoron these days, isn't it?

    My work PC was "upgraded" recently, now it's a lot slower.

    Then my laptop was "upgraded" and it now takes me 15 minutes to navigate the remote security

    I "upgraded" my own laptop to the newest Windows recently and now the other half's CBT DVD's won't work.

    And I've just "upgraded" my security software. And my files are so secure that I can't access them.

    Rant over...
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