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Manchester To Blackpool Charity Bike Route

northtracknorthtrack Posts: 77
edited June 2009 in Routes
Hi Everyone, I'm going to be doing a Manchester To Blackpool charity bike ride in the next few days with a few other people (none official event) for the BHF.

I've done the ride before for the Official Manchester To Blackpool bike event etc, i know the route getting out of Manchester onto the A6 and can remember that it went up the A6 to Haigh Hall but i cannot remember the route after this.

I've been having a look around on here and on the internet and the only map i can find is the one which goes via Leigh which is not the route i want to go.

I think they have changed the Official Manchester To Blackpool to goe via Leigh for some reason but i think the route bypassing leigh is the better route. (the route they used to use)

Can anyone help as I need to print off a map asap etc.


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