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Kielder: Which trails to do?

cakesiecakesie Posts: 27
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Planning on having a trip to Kielder for a couple of days next week. Obviously there are loads of trails up there but which are the best ones to do? Was thinking of doing the lakeshore ride one day and then Deadwater trail the next.


  • I did the deadwater trail yesterday, as well as the red route at newcastleton. Both are a hell of a lot of fun, and they're only about 25 minutes drive from each other. well worth the trip!
  • cakesiecakesie Posts: 27
    Well, I did what I said! Monday I went round the lake on the new shore side path. The north side is still very green and needs bedding in as it's very loose in places. Lots of nice sculptures though.
    Tuesday I did the Deadwater trail after a not so clever night midge-wise :roll: Met up with a guy from Edinburgh and we trailed together. A long haul up to the radar station in the very hot conditions but a pretty good downhill from there. The big downside was the state of the trails. They were wrecked after the recent Maega avalanche race and were as rough as hell. This really spoilt it as otherwise the trails were really good technically.
  • bungalisticbungalistic Posts: 543
    I always found the Keilder trail pretty rough anyway, certainly on hardtail. But the black route down towards the end of the trail is great fun, certainly better than the red.
  • Lizzie77Lizzie77 Posts: 53
    We are lucky enough to live about 20 miles from Kielder and then 7 from Newcastleton.

    Kielder is great, but must agree its a long drag to the top. We have started missing the top section off up to the weather station and turning right off the forest road onto the main downhill, just before the cattle grid. Found that the long drag up to the very top wasnt worth the effort for the first section down to the cattle grid. Miss it and do the rest, much better:)

    Newcastleton is so close to us we do it regular for a quick blast round. Its not very interesting as it goes but its ok for next door and keeps the fitness going.

    Its quite a handy play ground :D

    Mabie, Ae and Dalbeate are within 30 miles from us.
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  • Lizzie77Lizzie77 Posts: 53
    Oh forgot to say, Kielder is always rough!!

    Its a bone shaker :lol:
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