Helmet advice: Catlike or Bell?

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I have decided to purchase a new helmet for the summer and I am looking at a Catlike Whisper plus in white or a Bell Volt in red/white.
Does anyone own or can recommend either, or for that matter a helmet for around the £100-£120 mark?


  • Slow Downcp
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    I've got a Giro Ionos - mainly because I always have Giro's as the shape fits my head. Whichever one fits your head best is the one to go for- ignore fashion and other peoples opinions when it comes to helmets.
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  • giant_man
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    Bit personal this, always best to try on before you buy, the helmet you like the look of might not suit or fit your head.
  • akkers
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    he Whisper is a lovely lid, although I also have an Ionos, but it would be the Whisper next. Tried one on a while back in black, but the fit was lovely.

    Ive noticed they're a bit difficult to find - especially in white. Have you located one in your size and that colour?
  • Monty Dog
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    I'd have a Catlike over Giro - I like the fact that the Catlike fits around your head and feels more secure, whereas Giros often feed as though they're just sitting on top. I have 2 Catlikes, a Giro and a Limar. I'd also not buy another Giro or Bell based on my experience of poor quality - 2 warranty returns due to defects and their lousy replacement policy - i.e. you pay a premium for a special edition but you have to return it because of a defect and they replace it with what suits them.
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