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The local BBC news is doing the nationalbike week thing every night and todays topic was safety with the usual helmet issue story but one that opened my eyes was the blind spots on a truck. Anything upto 6 feet in front and the left hand side is armageddon for a cyclist and a left turning trruck. I've had a close call at a set of lights but these were straight ahead lights, no left turn option but to see the area marked out made me realise how big an area isn't seen by the driver. There is the bike breakfast gig tomorrow and in Bristol there will be a truck with the blindspot marked out, will try and get a picture of said truck.
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    A couple of years back they had an artic' in Trafelgar Sq for cyclists to sit in. From the cab, pretty much anywhere within 2m of the whole thing is a blind spot. As the stickers on some lorries say, "if you can't see me in my mirrors, I can't see you"....