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Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Revolver22Revolver22 Posts: 44
Looking for a bit of advice here. Looking to get my first heart rate monitor and think I have narrowed it down to a choice of two, would be interested to get peoples opinions on them.

Looking at the Polar F11 and F7 monitors.

The F11 looks to be a better bit of kit than the F7, but seems to be about the same price so was just wondering if it is in fact better or if it is an older and thus not as good model.

(prices Ive found are 73 quid for the F7 here or £78 for the F11 here

In terms of what I want from a monitor is something I can use with the machines at the gym, but also outside of the gym when running/cycling (and possibly preseason footie too). I want one that I can connect to my PC and download the results from too.

Thanks in advance!


  • zedderszedders Posts: 509
    I have the F11 and have had it for about 5 years. Its still working and is pretty bomb proof. Am not sure what extra you get on the F11 compared to the F7, but F11 does do a good job.
    The feature I like is a weekly text message you get on your watch which at the end of the week tells you in ''%'' if you have hit your weekly target? I've never hit a 100% : -(
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